So much happens at Santa Fe Christian. Find out more about what makes SFC different than any other school by reading our latest stories.

Leadership Through Athletics

Nearly half the student body of Santa Fe Christian’s Upper School currently participates in a program used by key colleges to develop strong leaders.

Chalking it up in San Diego’s Little Italy

Working alongside professional chalk artists, AP Art seniors create a Tuscany hillside at the Gesso Italinao during the FESTA!

Keeping Christ at the Center

Did you know there is an advisory committee that meets with and prays for all departments to ensure a rich growing spiritual life on campus?

A Mathematical Mindset

New research reports that everyone, with right teaching and messages can be successful in math.

More Than a Melody

As harmonies compliment the melody of a composition, so too does art training compliment the foundation of a well-rounded education.

Taking the Blue Ribbon

SFC’s Middle School was the only middle school in California to receive the National Blue Ribbon for Exemplary High Performing School in 2015.

Internship Program Launched

This past summer, eight SFC alumni were placed in paid internships at businesses of current SFC families. Both students and businesses report positive reviews.

A Love for Missions

Each chaperone has a story of how God grabbed their heart toward missions and why they enthusiastically lead students
stateside and abroad.

More Campus Security

Insuring the campus is safe for students is a top priority at SFC. New software is now in use, adding an additional level of security for all visitors.