1. Class of 2017 Grad Stats


    The class of 2017 is SFC’s largest class with 123 graduates. This class received 703 acceptances to 207 colleges and universities. Ninety-six percent have been on a mission trip. Eighty-nine percent of the 118 grads who responded were offered college merit scholarships, with first-year merit scholarship totaling over 4.4 million dollars ($4,422,330 to be exact). The class of 2017 has over two times the NCAA national average of students who are now collegiate athletes.This journey that began in the Lower School, with seamless transitions between Middle and Upper School, culminates at graduation when the entire campus celebrates the accomplishments of these students together.


    Forty-five percent will be attending college out-of-state. So, what institutions are popular to the class 2017? Cal Poly SLO (16 attending), Texas Christian University (6), Baylor (5), UC Berkeley (5), UCLA (5), USC (4), Gonzaga (3), University of Oregon (2). Most popular Christian colleges are Cal Baptist University (3), Westmont College (3),  Biola University (2), Colorado Christian College (2), and Point Loma Nazarene University (2). SFC is proud of the accomplishments of these gifted students!

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