Placing first at the San Diego Science & Engineering Fair, several students will share their discoveries at the state level. It all began when Mrs. Culley’s 7th grade science students put together the yearly project. Many were invited to compete in the 2016 Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair, with quite a few SFC students making an impressive showing. Three SFC students in particular: Makena Crimaldi, Ian Austin and Josh Wozniak, all first place winners in their categories, will go on to compete in the California State Science Fair held on May 23.

Makena Crimaldi presented Shark Stopper: The Use of Samarium and Magnesium to Prevent Shark Attacks. The Shark Stopper experiment tested if samarium or magnesium attached to a wetsuit, would prevent shark attacks. Makena’s presentation took first place in the Animal Sciences category. She also won two professional society awards: Marine Technology Society and San Diego Chapter of Sigma Xi. Additionally, she is one of four runner-up Sweepstakes Award winners at the county level.

Ian Austin presented Gauss Gun. The purpose of his experiment was to determine if the kinetic energy of the projectile that is being shot by the gauss gun increases linearly as the magnetic stages increase. Ian took a first place in the Physics and Astronomy category. He also won two professional society awards: United States Navy ­ONR (US Navy Science and Technology) / Naval Science Awards Program (NSAP) and American Society of Materials International.

Josh Wozniak presented How Does Sound Affect Your Body? The goal of his experiment was to discover which sounds affect your body or raise your heart rate the most. Josh was awarded  a first place in the Medicine and Health Sciences category.

Ian and Makena were also invited to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS event. Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering Rising Stars) is the premier science and engineering competition for middle school students. Society for Science & the Public affiliated science fairs around the country nominate the top 10% of 6th, 7th and 8th grade participants to enter this prestigious competition.

SFC Greater San Diego County Science & Engineering Fair winners:

Mayah Dumas: Medicine and Health Sciences – 1st Place
Grant Rayners: Engineering – Electrical and Mechanics – 1st Place
Seth Kading: Chemistry – 2nd Place
James Wilkey: Consumer Sciences/Product Testing  2nd Place
Josie Walsh: Behavioral/Social Sciences – 2nd Place
Nathan Haug: Engineering – Energy and Transport – 3rd Place
Grace Anne Weinstein: Behavioral/Social Sciences – 3rd Place
April Lin: Environmental Science and Management – 4th Place