70sdvsskFive SFC 7th grade students took ribbons in the 61st Annual Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. The students presented their projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at the Fair held on March 26-29. Congratulations to SFC 7th Grade winners!

Danielle Gmyr, 1st place in Behavior and Social Sciences

“The Effect of Acute Exercise on Cognitive Flexibility.” As the title indicates, Danielle compared two groups – those that exercised and those that didn’t and then tested their cognitive flexibility using the Stroop test.

Riley Sullivan, 1st place in Behavior and Social Sciences

“Face Stats: Do similar facial ratios affect attraction?” ¬†Riley compared facial data from couples to determine if similar facial ratios contributed to their attraction to each other.

Sydney Canty, 2nd place in Medicine and Health

“Light as a Feather.” Sydney studied the effect of fat verses low-fat diet on mice.

Daniel John, 2nd place in Math  

“Ebola Virus Epidemiology: A Mathematical Look.” Using a differential equation, Daniel examined death rate from Ebola under different scenarios.

Milan Canty, 3rd place in Behavior and Social Sciences

“Wheat is a Big Deal?” Examined the affect of wheat on weight and cognitive flexibility on mice.