Middle School Bible teacher Mr. Andriany’s heart was inclined towards a disenfranchised world while in college. The following is his story and demonstrates why he is eager to take Middle School students into the streets of San Diego.

“I was in a college class called the Nature of Theological Integration where we discussed the idea that everything has theological and spiritual ramifications. My class paper was on alcoholism and addiction recovery programs. Leaving work one night with a friend, I saw a guy passed out drunk on the sidewalk, with an empty bottle of gin next to him and a bunch of half-smoked cigarettes. I looked at my friend and said, ‘We can’t just keep walking.’ We woke the guy up, talked with him, and spent the next three days with this guy whose name was Kevin.”

Mr. Andriany, more commonly known as Mr. A, goes on to tell about this life-changing experience, “I wanted to be like the Good Samaritan who wasn’t just a good person, but gave all he had for someone he didn’t know. I gave Kevin money, food, shelter, took him to the hospital and got him into a rehab facility. Not long after, Kevin ran away. I poured out everything I had for him – and he still didn’t choose a better way of living. There was nothing I could do to make a decision for him. It ravaged my heart because I knew that Jesus’ love was enough for him but he didn’t want it. And because I was spending all this time with this guy, I didn’t finish my final paper.”

Sitting down with his professor to explain why his paper was incomplete, Mr. A recalls his professor’s counsel, “He reminded me that although love is enough, some people aren’t ready to choose love. Same with God. God’s grace is enough; for some, it is the unbelievable gift of God, and others just say ‘no thanks’ and walk away. That moment with Kevin was a turning point in my life. That’s where my heart for missions came from, and ultimately that’s my heart for teaching too. Every day I preach the Gospel to my students. I am reminded that I can’t force Jesus on them, but I hope that they will taste and see that He is more than enough.”

Mr. A leads Middle School students every year on a trip to the streets of San Diego. His hope is that the kids will get out of their comfort zone, serve others and live out their faith. Perhaps God will grab the heart of one of Mr. A’s Middle School students and give them a desire to serve God in their future.