So much happens at Santa Fe Christian. Find out more about what makes SFC different than any other school by reading our latest stories.

Inquiry-Based Investigations

Lower School students learn science through various problem-solving projects and discover the connection to their lives.

Speaking in Signs

Two sixth-grade students have a passion for sign language. Currently not offered as a foreign language class, the girls used their interest in sign language to start a popular club.

Rugby Rushes SFC

Rugby is considered the fastest growing sport in America. Blessed with world-class coaching, the undefeated Eagles rugby team is making a name for itself in the league.

SFC Celebration from the Heart of a Veteran

Nearly 20 years ago, music teacher David Hall had a vision to honor all veterans and the sacrifices made. This idea is now a SFC tradition.

Girls Volleyball Wins Title

Winning against strong D1 schools, the Eagles claim the title of San Diego Section Open Division Champions. Now the girls volleyball team is on the journey to win state!

Hands-on Learning Engages Students

Age-appropriate projects get kids interested in every subject. Lower School students find fun in learning.

Student Daniel John to Play Carnegie Hall

Winning 4th place in The American Protege Competition, Daniel John won the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall.

Leadership Through Athletics

Nearly half the student body of Santa Fe Christian’s Upper School currently participates in a program used by key colleges to develop strong leaders.

Chalking it up in San Diego’s Little Italy

Working alongside professional chalk artists, AP Art seniors create a Tuscany hillside at the Gesso Italinao during the FESTA!

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