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An SFC education is a significant investment in your child's growth and life. You should know that the families of our graduates tell us it is worth every penny!

Tuition Assistance

Affording an SFC Education

We want every qualified, mission-appropriate student to be given the opportunity to attend SFC… but we know that for many families, the investment can be a challenge. Families may be awarded tuition assistance on the basis of a demonstrated financial need in grades K-12. Our goal is to make a Christian education accessible to many.



2020-2021 tuition & fees

Kindergarten $13,770
Grades 1 -5 $15,380
Grades 6-8 $19,950
Grades 9-12 $21,770

Student retreats, camps, elective fees, yearbooks, club memberships, class fees, and field trips are included in tuition.

If you are interested in applying for tuition assistance apply here. All inquiries are kept confidential.

Athletic Fees $150 – $500 (varies by sport)
Bus Fee $425/semester
Uniforms $275-$775
Textbooks Lower School included in tuition. Grades 6-12 range $300-$770




Families seeking tuition assistance should submit their financial information to SmartAid. SmartAid is an independent, third-party assessor of financial documents that collects and analyzes financial data provided by families. Tuition assistance awards are grants — a gift to your family — not a loan that needs to be repaid. SFC awards tuition grants up to 50% for qualified candidates. Find out if you qualify.

Apply to SmartAid

Policy - Families new to SFC should apply for admission and tuition assistance concurrently. Admissions and tuition assistance processes are distinct and separate. Tuition assistance has no bearing on the Admission Committee's deliberations and its assessment of an applicant's potential as a Santa Fe Christian student. SFC is not accepting international student applications.



What are the tuition and payment options for the 2019 - 2020 school year?

Visit the tuition page at for current tuition rates.
A one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $2,000 is payable when the enrollment contract is signed and submitted. This includes a $500 registration fee and a $1,500 tuition deposit. Students that receive a tuition grant pay $1,500 when enrolling ($1,000 tuition deposit and $500 registration fee). Options to pay monthly, semi-annually and annually are available.

What is included in tuition?

Student retreats, camps, elective fees, yearbooks, club memberships, class fees and field trips.

Does SFCS offer tuition assistance and scholarships?

Yes. It is the desire of Santa Fe Christian Schools (SFCS) to make Christian education accessible to many. In the past five years, SFC has disbursed over $7 million in tuition assistance. In order for SFCS to allocate resources wisely and fairly, the school has enlisted the services of SmartAid, an independent, third-party assessor of financial documents that collects and analyzes financial data provided by families. Awards vary based on economic need as determined by an independent agency. These grants are limited to no more than 50% of tuition.

Santa Fe Christian offers several scholarships that new students may apply for including the Eagle Scholarship, for incoming 9th graders, one award annually, and the Pastor/Ministry Director Scholarship, four awards annually. See this web page for details.

What is SmartAid?

SmartAid is an independent, third-party assessor of financial documents that collects and analyzes financial data provided by families. To determine eligibility and to apply for tuition assistance, go to

What are the steps to complete a tuition assistance aid application?

1. Visit the SmartAid website.
The application process is self guided. You may navigate in and out of the program, which allows you to partially complete an application and go back to it at another time. If you have any questions when completing the SmartAid application, support is available online at [email protected] or by phone at 800.360.8027.

2. Submit the required supporting documentation
Applications must be submitted with proper documentation to be processed. Here is a list of required documentation:

  • Most recent paystubs
  • 2017 W-2 forms for all jobs
  • 2017 filed tax returns: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all schedules
  • 2017 filed business tax returns: 1120, 1120S, 1065 (if applicable)
  • Supplemental income documentation: Social Security income, welfare, food stamps, child support, 1099-M forms, worker’s compensation, unemployment, veteran’s benefits, housing allowance, etc.

Documents may be submitted directly to your SmartAid application. Please upload each document type separately.


What is the Pastor/Ministry Director Scholarship?

Four awards of $2,500 will be given to new students with a parent who serves as a Pastor/Ministry Director. The Pastor/Ministry Director must be employed by a church or ministry which shares and supports the SFCS statement of faith. The scholarship of $2,500 is in addition to any tuition grant allocation. See this web page for details. Application deadline is February 1, 2019.

Are there additional fees?

Additional costs vary by student choice. Athletic fees vary by sport and range from $150 - $1,000. Bus fees are currently $425 per semester, with a family max of $1,700 per year. Uniforms are purchased from Lands’ End and range from $275-$775. Textbooks for Lower School are included in tuition. Textbooks for students in grades 6-12 are purchased from MBS Direct and range from $300-$770.

What is the tuition assistance timeline?

The SmartAid website is open November 1, 2018, for tuition assistance requests. The requests are evaluated beginning in January and continue until the funds are depleted. Awards are made to current families in January and to prospective families concurrent with admissions acceptances. Tuition assistance awards are made on a first come first serve basis, with total funds being allocated up to the amount established annually by the SFCS Board of Directors.

Can tuition assistance be renewed annually?

It is the desire of SFCS to award aid annually to those students that have a demonstrated financial need. If your child is a current Santa Fe Christian student, the application and supporting materials need to be submitted annually.

What are tuition assistance policies relating to separated or divorced parents?

Santa Fe Christian expects parents to pay the educational costs for their children to the full extent they are financially able. This principle applies to all parents, even those who are separated or divorced. Both parents are expected to file all the necessary forms and to comply fully with all the guidelines and requirements of the aid process. The custodial and noncustodial parent must each fill out the SmartAid application. SFCS considers the obligations of the parents and their new family situation in determining the financial award, but will not allocate the award on a proportional basis among the families. The responsibility for communication and payment lies with the custodial parent.

What are the tuition assistance policies concerning trust and/or college funds?

Recent legislation has opened the door for families to pay K-12 tuition with their 529 college plan funds. However, taxable consequences may result. Please consult with your tax advisor for how it may specifically affect your family.

What are the withdrawal policies?

The overhead expenses of SFCS do not diminish with the departure of students during the year. As a result, the following withdrawal policy applies to all enrolled students:

Written Notification of Withdrawal Date* Amount
On or before April 15 $1,500 tuition deposit
April 15 until first day of school $2,000 withdrawal fee, plus the $1500 tuition deposit
First day of school until November 15 40% of the remaining semester's tuition
After November 15 40% of all remaining tuition owed (both semesters)

* Determined by the date the Registrar receives written notification of intent to withdraw.

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