Every May about two million high school students nationwide take Advanced Placement exams. A passing score could mean earning college credit while still in high school. Research shows that students who take rigorous courses in high school are more likely to get into, and succeed, in college.

A Different Philosophy

“We have a different philosophy on taking Advanced Placement classes at SFC,” says Matt Hannan, SFC Upper School Principal. “We want students to take AP classes that they may have a passion for, instead of just trying to build their transcripts.”

Well-Rounded Offering

With 15 courses in all the major subject areas, SFC has a good array of AP offerings. The faculty who teach AP courses, are required to attend annual training, and are critical for a successful AP program.

Students Strong Commitment

Another way SFC’s AP Program is unique is by requiring every student who takes an AP course to also take the corresponding AP exam, which is not the case in most high schools.

“We want the AP test results from all our students because it provides us with data on how well students are learning the material. We use this data to adjust teaching practices, as needed,” states Mr. Hannan.

Plus, there is a higher level of commitment when students are required to take the AP test as it becomes part of a student’s permanent record.

Focus on Passion

Principal Hannan would like parents to encourage their child to take AP courses they are passionate about because it will dominate their time. “My hope is that every student will be exposed to at least one AP course while they are at SFC. It’s important to experience college level curriculum before an SFC graduate heads off to a college or university,” urges Mr. Hannan.