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AP Senior Art Exhibit
AP Senior Art Show

Celebrating visual arts.

AP Senior Art Show

The AP and Studio Art courses are the pinnacle of the SFC visual arts program. Consisting of only seniors this year, my goal as an art teacher was to coach these up and coming creatives towards producing quality and professional standard work for their AP Portfolio and Senior Art Show.

Thoughts from Ms. Hendrickson
AP Senior Art Show

Thoughts from Ms. Hendrickson

Throughout the course, I have seen each student grow in their craftsmanship, in their process for art production, and their ability to convey mood and meaning to an audience in their artwork. I am overwhelmingly proud of what they have accomplished this year. Please join me in celebrating each artist by viewing our 2020 online exhibition. You can find the work by clicking and following the link on each of the individual artists’ photos that will lead you to their online portfolios. Thank you for supporting the arts!

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