Have a passion to play a sport in college? We have over two times the the national average of NCAA-bound seniors.

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We Reach Goals

According to the NCAA, only six percent of the eight million current high school athletes will go on to play college sports. SFC has substantially more NCAA-bound seniors, with twelve percent of this year’s graduates going on to play at top universities and colleges across the U.S. — that’s double the national average!


Meet Some of  Our Collegiate Athletes

Cole Acosta


North Carolina State University

"SFC prepared me to go to college sports in a way other schools could not have. I played at a high level my freshman and senior year."

Ellie Adamson


Olivet Nazarene University

"SFC’s volleyball program helped me to strive to be the best I can be on the inside and really showed me how to be a good teammate."

Jake Bailey



"SFC is so much better than any other place because of the unity on each sports team and how much the coaches care about each player."

Will Blackburn


Cal State University, Monterey Bay

"I got into college sports through the influence of SFC counselors who pushed me to play sports and do what I love in college."

Casey Castillo


University of Hawaii

"SFC taught me the importance of teamwork and serving the Lord as I am playing."

Kelly Clanton


University of San Diego

"SFC has helped me to incorporate my faith into my play and taught me how to encourage my teammates."

Kristen Cole


Point Loma Nazarene

"SFC taught me what it means to serve God while serving your teammates."

Max Gardner



"One of our football preseason traditions is taking a camping trip in the mountains. It was a cool bonding experience, just hanging out with a group of my brothers."

Ben Hamel


Colorado School of the Mines

"All the coaches at SFC are great motivators. I started out in baseball, played water polo and exited playing football – all because of the guidance of the coaches."

Sophia Ledbetter

Track & Field

Westmont College

"SFC taught me what it means to be dedicated to something besides myself and to strive to achieve a bigger goal."

Jack Langborg


Point Loma Nazarene

"My favorite SFC memory is going on a missions trip to Costa Rica. We played the national basketball team there and won in narrow victory."

Dillon Paulson



"The coaches at SFC helped me grow the love of the sport. My fondest memory is when Cole pitched a perfect game. It was a whole team thing and so fun to be a part of."

Samuel Ray


Dennison University

"One of my best memories is getting close with the guys on my team and working to see how our goals played out."

Vince Reilly


Grinnell College

"The coaches at SFC helped build my confidence to get in front of college coaches."

Carter Roberts


Wheaton College

"The coaches instill the perfect combination of love for the fun and hard work of the sport. Also, playing sports at SFC taught me to ultimately give all the glory to God."

Tyler Stephens


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"When I was younger, a lot of teams would have cut me because I was overweight, slow and very bad at baseball. But SFC stuck with me and because of this, I’m where I am today."

Cole Weaver


St. John’s University

""Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." SFC coaching helped me to make my own trail."

Ali Whiting



"SFC helped me realize my dream to play collegiate soccer at a D1 level. SFC really strengthened my faith and my drive to succeed in athletics."

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