Author Chap Clark talks to the SFC community about today’s youth on Tuesday night, April 19 at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club.

Chap is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a deep understanding of adolescents today. Author of the book Hurt 2.0, Chap discusses his research and concrete ways that parents can help lead their children into adulthood.

Designed to equip parents of children of all ages, this interactive discussion leads the audience on a daring and revealing journey into the underworld of today’s youth by describing the unique challenges they face and giving practical tools to foster an environment in which children can thrive.

Lower School parents learn what to expect as the transition into adolescence approaches and how to keep the parent-child connection strong. Middle School parents discover how to encourage and support students during this vulnerable, crucial developmental stage. Finally, Upper School parents discover that an individual’s sense of self continues to develop into the early 20’s and adolescents need a parent’s presence as they navigate the challenges ahead.

Every year, as a gift, SFC’s Spiritual Life Committee distributes one book to each family represented at SFC. This year, the committee selected Chap Clark’s book, Hurt 2.0. In addition to gifting the community with the book, they also invited him to speak exclusively to the SFC community.

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