Purpose of Advisory

Middle School can be an incredibly challenging time for students which opens a wonderful opportunity for Christian adults to invest in their lives. What is the purpose of advisory? The intent is to create a place where students can ask and discuss authentic, real questions about faith and their individual journeys with Christ in community at SFC.

Identity in Christ

Middle School advisory coordinator, Matt Robinson, recounts what they have been studying this year, “We began diving into what our identity in Christ looks like in a modern, ever-changing world. We explore topics such as friendship, gossip, building authentic community, Christ-centered goal-setting, our digital footprint reflecting our identity in Christ, etc.”

Interested and Engaged

The topics were chosen and prioritized by the kids. Students are interested and engage in conversations about faith, life, and Jesus Christ. Meeting together in Christian community, being vulnerable, and growing in faith models for Middle School kids what SFC hopes continues the rest of their life.