SFC has installed a new security system, enhancing the current safety measures already established. The Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS) Visitor Management System is a software based security system created by Ident-A-Kid. This system is another layer of protection that will track visitors, vendors, volunteers, substitutes and parents while on campus during normal business hours. Currently, when a person arrives on campus, the security officer will scan their driver’s license through an optical reader, input the reason for visiting and destination on campus. After the driver’s license is scanned, the system performs an instant check through a national database. If all is clear, the officer will print a visitor badge with their name, reason for visit, destination, date and time. If the system gives an alert that the visitor could have a potential issue, access to campus is denied.

This new system will also be used to check in tardy students and check out student’s early departures. Soon, students’ Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) card information will be in the system allowing them to touch their card to the RFID reader and automatically populate their information. Lower School has a slightly different process for early departures. As such, the IT and Security departments will test a self check-out kiosk set up at the Lower School location.

The IT and Security departments will continue to customize the system until SFC is operating at maximum efficiency. Due to this new system, SFC has another tool to keep unauthorized visitors off campus.