What a beautiful joyful morning our Lower School students had with their grandparents and special friends as they put on a program, took them to class, viewed the LS Art Show and played on the playground. The theme of the day was “Grandparents, You’re G-R-A-N-D – ‘Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents [and grandparents] are the pride of their children.’ Proverbs 17:6”. The day began in the gym with coffee and muffins accompanied by the chorale.

Students were so excited to share their classrooms with their grandparents. SFC ties in writing curriculum to this day so grandparents can see the various ways in which the kids are growing academically through the years.  The students also present the grandparents with their favorite chapel songs by grade level.

Grandparents were visiting from all across the county to many international travelers. Every year we recognize the grandparent whose traveled the furthest and this year was a grandparent from Australia. In past years we’ve had Argentina, Philippines, S. Korea, England, to name a few.

“Thank-you SFC lower school for your amazing Grandparents Day celebration! It was a wonderful morning spent, enjoying our grandchildren’s performances, viewing the art show  and meeting their teachers. Blessed beyond measure. Thank-you.” – Nanci Asaro (Chase, Beckett, and Ava Ensberg’s grandmother).

For students without grandparents (or those whose grandparent couldn’t attend) we welcome their “special guest”. We had Godparents, aunts/uncles, babysitters and even a church pastor. It truly is a day of celebrating all the people who love and support the students.

The outpouring of parent volunteers to ensure this day is successful is really remarkable. From the parents helping with parking, golf cart drivers, food servers, greeters, and the many many hands that helped prepare for the art show in the dome that the grandparents visit shows how much he everyone cares for this special day.