On the morning of October 8th, AP Art seniors Katie Becknell, Sophie Grizzle, Angela Gunness, Olivia Hamel, Claire Needham and Genevieve Wood  gathered together at the Little Italy FESTA! to create a chalk painting at the annual Gesso Italiano, one of the world’s best-know chalk festivals. This art form has its roots in ancient Italy, where chalk art was introduced by the “madonnari” whose passion was to create art on pavement. During Gesso Italiano, artists create 8 inch squares of breathtaking art.

Working alongside professional chalk artists, Santa Fe Christian AP Art students worked all day to create their contemporary take on a Tuscany hillside, and received lots of compliments due to the rich, vibrant colors!  If you were unable to make it to the FESTA’s Gesso Italiano, mark your calendar for Friday, November 4th and come admire the amazing sidewalk art on the campus of SFC.