Coach’s Perspective on CIF Titles

    This fall, SFC Athletic teams attained great success. SFC’s cross country team finished third in CIF and sent eight runners to the State Championship (the most athletes in SFC history); boys water polo team made it to the Division II CIF finals match; football team made it to the CIF Division III championship game, and girls volleyball won the Division I CIF Championship!

    Yes, these teams have made great accomplishments in their respective sports, however, more than trophies and medals have been earned this past season. Here are a few remarks of what was forged in the athletes from a coach’s perspective.

    Staying the Course

    Cross country coach Kloer discusses the intensity and determination necessary to compete in long distance running. “Cross country is not for everyone. Talent alone will not get you there. Neither will a force of will and competitiveness on the day of competition. Success in cross country is built over hundreds or even thousands of hours of building the aerobic engine, often alone and always without applause. And when hundreds of miles are logged, shoulder to shoulder with your teammates, a special bond is formed that is unlike any other sport.”

    Adversity Builds Character

    The water polo, volleyball, cross country, and football teams all competed for the prize, yet the byproduct of competition is more than the medals earned, it’s the character built along the way.

    Over the past season, the football team ran into multiple hardships. “In the midst of affliction, this special group of boys never even entertained the idea of quitting or wavering. Injuries, sickness, and an untold number of other [trials] only galvanized this group. In the process they found themselves believing in something bigger than themselves, and found a love for each other that can only be forged in the heat of adversity.” SFC Head  Coach Jon Wallace proudly states, “I know football is just a game, but the lessons young men can learn from it are so important. The world is starving for men that demonstrate empathy, sacrifice, courage, determination and grit, belief, selflessness, mental and physical toughness, encouragement, and leadership. Even though we did not earn a championship, I could not be more proud to stand alongside a group of young men who dared to do something great.”

    This fall, teams earned more than just titles; individuals developed character. “I am proud of every team for striving toward our philosophy to ‘Be A Champion in Christ,’  in relationships, and on the field,” states Athletics Director Chad Bickley.

    Congratulations to the SFC champions

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