ScienceFairCollageHow do you make science exciting to Middle School students? Let them come up with a question that interests them, and using the scientific method, have them attempt to answer their own question. The semester long project culminates with a Science Fair in January. This year, the fair offered a great diversity of projects: Cognitive Flexibility (using the Stroop test); Does Gluten Affect Mice; a math project that calculated the spread of Ebola in US cities and several product testing projects such as Best Surf Wax. Debbie Culley, the 7th grade Life Science teacher emphasized, “I get excited watching the kids get excited about what they are doing!”

The projects are judged by adult volunteers, many of whom are SFC parents and have backgrounds in various fields of study. This year the AP chemistry students joined in the judging, interviewing participants individually as well as evaluating the projects. Five of SFC’s science projects were submitted for screening to see if they qualify for the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair that will be held in March. Students are still waiting to hear if they have been accepted.

Would you like to be a science fair judge? Please contact Debbie Culley at:[email protected]