Replicating a casual gathering at a coffee house, Mr. Corsaro put together the first-ever Acoustic Night at the SFC chapel on December 2nd. His goal? To provide a way for kids who may not be formally involved in SFC’s music program to showcase their talents.

Student Artists

Grace Trotta, the emcee, took the audience on a journey through the performances of talented artists. Six musicians from the Middle and Upper School played and sang original and cover songs. The venue allowed Jake Locken to play the guitar for the first time in front of a crowd. Ryan Rodriguez and Amelia Shelhamer each played the guitar.

Mrs. Reilly, an audience member, recounts with awe three of the acts, “Kevin Charoensri, a Middle School boy, wore his tux and killed it on piano with Feelin’ Good, a Michael Buble song. Carlee Reilly, whose patter with the audience was effortless, performed three original songs. Bradley Weeks played guitar and sang a Radiohead song and an original song.”

Surprise Guests

In addition to showcasing student artists, two of Mr. Corsaro’s friends sang, played the guitar, and offered encouragement to the kids. The show finished with Mr. Satterfield, beloved English teacher, playing several piano pieces culminating with a jazzy version of Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.