The buddy program brings connections and excitement as students in fifth grade adopt a first grade buddy for the school year.

Twice a month, the fifth graders and their first grade buddies get together in a classroom setting to read, work on curriculum-related activities, art projects or just to play together. The fifth graders take great pride in their position as role models, and as they interact with their buddies. Following Titus 2:7, “You should be an example for them in every way by the good things you do,”  the fifth graders demonstrate good work habits, respect, responsibility, and Christ-like behavior.

The first grade kids are extremely excited that the older students spend time with them. Seeing their buddy on the playground, first grade students have the excitement of seeing a star. Every fifth grader would agree that this leadership opportunity comes with several perks, some of which include hugs, high fives, and enthusiastic waves from their younger buddies as they pass each other on the playground and around the lower school campus each day.

Fifth grade teacher Cheri Nielsen reminisces, “Although they are only buddies for one year, I have seen these relationships continue through their years here at SFC. High School kids will come to Fifth Grade promotion. It’s definitely a highlight.”