Walking on the Lower School campus of SFC you may see a pint-sized Moses, Laura Ingalls Wilder, or perhaps a California 49er. Each grade has age-appropriate activities weaved through their curriculum. Project based, hands-on learning gets kids excited about the subject they are studying and when that happens, students’ base knowledge grows and critical thinking expands. What are some of the activities you may find during the year?

Curious first graders dress up as a Bible character and give three clues challenging classmates to guess their identity. Clues such as: I am a leader, I am a spy, Caleb and I are friends. Did you guess Joshua? Kids in second grade discuss their favorite book character while in costume. After completing a biography book report, third grade students dress up and present the person they researched. The history of California is exciting to fourth grade students as they actively participate in costume by retelling California’s rich history through games, music, and storytelling. Finally, the American Revolution is brought to life in fifth grade when the kids put together a musical  where they are involved in every aspect of the process including acting, choreographing movement, costuming and prop design.

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