Sitting in Oceanside’s Star Theater, there is quite a bit of excitement in the air. As the musicians are warming up you can hear the faint sound of feet shuffling back stage. Suddenly, the audience is surrounded by the music of Godspell and whisked away into another time.

Written In the early 1970’s, Godspell, based on the Gospel of St. Matthew, intertwines parables and timeless music; telling the story of Jesus alongside his apostles and disciples. This musical is a very  ensemble-friendly show, as most of it  involves the whole cast listening to and participating in the parables. With over 60 cast members, 26 of them seniors, this show captures the heart of the audience; showing the love, compassion and grace given from God.  

This production, directed by SFC’s Drama Teacher Matthew Corsaro, showcases the talent of singers, dancers and musicians. “This cast is such a blessing in my life, and I cannot wait for you to laugh, cheer and cry as they showcase their God-given talents and abilities.”

Godspell performances continue at the Start Theater on March 18 at 7pm and again on March 19 at 2pm and 7pm.  Hurry, there is still time to get tickets for this  weekend at