During Winter Break, Santa Fe Christian sent two mission teams across the globe. One team served in India and another in Russia. Both teams saw God move in new ways and returned home changed.

While in India, students spend most of their time serving at an orphanage and school called Grace Home. On this mission trip, SFC students encourage, teach and play with the children who range in age from four to 18.

Grace Home residents reach out to the slum children on a regular basis, teaching them what they themselves are learning in school, an excellent example of one truly loving their neighbor. Joining the orphans at Grace Home in caring for the street children, Sophia Hasson professes, “Although it was a short trip, India made a life long impact in my life, showing me a new kind of way to love others.”

“God did some pretty incredible things in our students’ lives while we were in India. From teaching appreciation, learning how to look for the positive in situations, issues of forgiveness, learning how to trust God in overcoming anxiety… the list could go on and on. We prayed that God would show up in mighty ways, and He did,” Janelle Ruge reminisces.

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SFC students left the sunshine of San Diego and arrived in Russia to the likes of a winter most have not seen. While in Russia, the students are responsible for all the activities as they serve a Christian school, several orphanages, some secular after school clubs and various church organizations. Their declared mission is to teach English and help the kids practice their skills. However, the unspoken goal is to build relationships with kids and teens in the spiritually dry country of Russia. In all situations the team shares their personal testimonies and speaks in English about God.

Ava Randall has had the privilege of being a part of the Russia trip three years in a row. She emphatically states, “The key lesson I’ve learned, is how much one is required to rely on God. Never have I been so spiritually, physically, and emotionally drained than on the trips to Russia. It is not possible to stay positive, engaged, or even awake, if you try to rely on your own strength. The Russia trip has proved to me that relying on God is a real and necessary thing in order to serve Him.”

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