This past summer, eight SFC alumni were placed in paid internships at businesses of current SFC families. Lauren Grizzle, Director of Alumni Relations at SFC states, “We wanted a way for alumni to know that we care for them beyond their years here at SFC. It also is a great way for SFC families to have exposure to SFC Alumni, they are a great resource!” With an idea in place, Lauren went to work trying to connect alumni with business leaders. “This way we are carrying the mission of SFC a little deeper in preparing the Christian leaders of tomorrow.”

Several alumni spoke of their internship helping to confirm their career direction. “The last portion of my summer I spent working full-time at One America News, and that was awesome to play the role as a full time writer for a news station. I’m so glad I now have this experience under my belt to help me shape my career moving forward. And I’m so thankful to have been connected through Alumni Relations at Santa Fe to find this internship,” remarks Brenna Sandvik (2014).

Blake O’Rourke (2014) learned to be more valuable in the workplace. Seeing the value of his coursework Blake states,  “My internship has shown me real-life applications for all of the engineering material I’m learning in my college classes and ties the connection between what I am learning to why I have to learn it. I have also learned the importance of communication, organization, and time management.”

“I greatly enjoyed working at Sorrento, and am still very confident in the educational direction I have taken. I do not feel that this experience has altered my desire for the path I have taken whatsoever; if anything, this experience has solidified the fervor in which I am pursuing the path I am currently on,” emphasizes Katia Valdez (2015).

The feedback from both student and employers has been overwhelmingly positive. It is no surprise that internships are the most effective way for student to gain work experience and stand out above peers. In fact, many internships turn into full-time jobs. If you are interested in taking on an intern at your company, please contact Lauren Grizzle at [email protected]