How do you keep Middle School students learning and engaged? By giving them a chance to lead.

When students are interested in a topic, engagement deepens as they willingly spend time thinking, dialoging, and creating ideas in meaningful ways. At SFC, student interest plays a part in making decisions in the electives offered, clubs created, and events held. The Middle School years are an ideal time for students to explore varied activities and interests so that they can begin to discover their passions and their God given gifts.

Most recently the Middle School talent show provided an outlet for displaying student talent and leadership skills. In addition to the talent of the student body, student council members were in charge of carrying out the talent show from start to finish. Creating a theme and judging rubrics, running auditions, interviewing the participants, and managing the entire production was a big undertaking for these young leaders. Student council mentor, Amy Kennard professed, “My desire is for every event to be memorable for our students and logistically smooth for our schedules; but I also care deeply about our student leaders having the opportunity to strive for excellence and overcome obstacles that are still bound to be a part of every well planned event.  Our Middle School student council team had those amazing opportunities and rose far above my expectations. I sat in the sound room the entire time!” 

The show was a success with over 350 in attendance and acts ranging from singing soloists, to pianists who played blindfolded or upside down, to self choreographed dancers. Middle School principal Todd Deveau proudly proclaims, “We had gifted performers who courageously entertained the entire Middle School through dance and song.  As an entirely student-run event, I am so very proud of the Christ-like leadership demonstrated by our students.”

Building upon this foundation of both talent and leadership, the students move to Upper School  primed to be engaged in learning and follow their passions.