Lower School literacy specialists Lindsey Farrington and Amanda Walker use technology to support what they are doing in Guided Reading.

Literacy in the Classroom

Three times a year, Mrs. Farrington and Mrs. Walker assess K-2 students K-2 and place them into groups based on their Guided Reading Level. The levels range alphabetically from A to Z – “A” representing the lowest level and “Z” representing the highest. Once in homogeneous groups, students read literature aloud among peers at their similar level with teacher coaching and guidance. “When I first took this literacy position, the Guided Reading approach was new to me,” states Lindsey Farrington. “Now, two years in, I am a firm believer in its importance and effectiveness!”

Each week the literacy specialists select roughly 20 different books for their groups from their leveled library, ensuring that every student will be appropriately and uniquely challenged. In just a few short months, students progress by leaps and bounds in both their reading fluency and comprehension.

Parents Support Literacy at Home

Parents can support the growth of their child’s literacy by using the Level It app to select “just right” books to read aloud with their child at home. The app includes an ISBN scanner which allows you to scan the barcode on the back of a book right from your smartphone. When your scan registers, a screen pops up with tons of helpful information about the book including its Guided Reading Level. This is a fabulous tool to use to help parents and teachers support each child’s literacy growth by building a leveled library of their own.