The Challenge

The Lower School, partnering with World Vision, took the Matthew 25 Challenge just a few weeks ago. The challenge centers on the verse, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40, 45, NIV)

In many areas around the world, children and families go without food, water, homes, and other necessities. To help understand these struggles a little better, the Lower School participated in challenges like skipping snacks and desserts, and sleeping on the floor. In class, they watched videos about real kids who face daily difficulties. To make a personal connection to the kids in need, the Lower School teachers, students and their parents each received a lanyard with the name and picture of a child they could pray for during the entire week.

Chapel Reflections

The Matthew 25 Challenge concluded in chapel with a student-led prayer and share service. Reflecting on the first day when students were challenged to skip a snack or dessert, Kindergartner, Jackson Cooper recounted, “It was hard to go without a snack, and I thought of the people without food.”

On another day they watched a video of Ali, who is a refugee and does not have a home or bed to call his own. Taylor Novak, in first-grade, was asked what she would bring with her if she had to leave her home quickly. She responded with, “My Bible so I would know why God was doing this, a blanket to keep warm and some food.”

What seemed to be the most difficult for the students was the day they wore the same clothes as the previous day. Third-grader Maleah Neary recalls, “It was an extra sacrifice, it was a spirit wear day. I was bummed more that I couldn’t wear my spirit wear clothes.”

Call to Action

Following the challenge, the Lower School is working on an Easter Basket Ministry project as part of a call to action. “Our hope is that the Matthew 25 Challenge helped to develop awareness and empathy amongst our students for those living without life’s most basic necessities,” reflects Hannah Park, Lower School Principal. “Now it is time to put the awareness and empathy into action as we launch our Easter Basket Ministry project. SFC families are invited to exercise acts of compassion that impact our very own neighborhood!”

If you are interested in being a part of the Easter project please contact the Lower School office.