STEM Night

There was a lot of cheering in the chapel this past week when Lower School families competed in S.T.E.M. Night. S.T.E.M. Night is just one of three curriculum nights during the school year where families are encouraged to come and engage in the learning process with their child instead of simply viewing completed work. “We had some very friendly competition,” chuckles assistant principal, Amanda Walker. “We designed this evening to mimic the style of the TV show, Minute to Win It. Families teamed-up with other families to move together through each of the ten challenges.”


The evening moved quickly and there was excitement all around the room as each challenge stood before every team. At one table, teams found the Tower of Cups. Here, they had to take 100 cups and build a tower or structure that was structurally sound. At another table, teams made paper airplanes. The airplane that carried the cargo (a penny) the farthest distance, won! Each of the challenges highlighted one of the four subject areas: science, technology, engineering, and math.

Families Engaged in Learning

“We want families to come and learn and explore and experience together. This evening allows the parents to see the kids thinking and engaging and because of the format of the evening, levels of engagement were high!”  Mrs. Walker continues, “I saw teams who were really strategizing and then learning through failed attempts over and over again.”

Next Up

On Tuesday, April 17, there will be another curriculum night. This one, Expressions to the Third Power, will highlight writing, reading, visual and performing arts. Don’t miss it!