As harmonies compliment the melody of a composition, so too does art compliment the foundation of a well-rounded education. Harmonies fill gaps to make the music whole. Core curriculum is the base melody while supplementary programs like music and art bring out the beauty of that foundational knowledge.

Progressive Program

Band is an ongoing legacy at SFC, of which Mr. David Hall, SFC’s music maestro, has been leading since 1992. “First and foremost, I want my musicians to come away with a love for the Lord and glorify Him in everything they do.” The incredible thing about the program is that students of the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools can join in the group. “The interplay going on in the brain as kids develop and are exposed to music is fascinating,” states Mr. Hall. Starting from a young age, our students are able to learn about how music plays a role in their lives.

In the Lower School, fifth grade students can play in the Cadet Band. In Middle School they are able to participate in the Battalion Band. Finally, in the Upper School they may perform in the Eagle Band. “I want to give them the opportunity to have an emotional outlet and be able to convey their thoughts and feelings through music,” Mr. Hall expresses. “There is power in music.”

Visual Expressions

The Visual Arts play an integral part in the philosophy of education at SFC, providing students with tangible ways of communicating their feelings to God and the world. The Middle and Upper School curriculum allows students to further develop specific skills through a variety of media.

Besides the standard Introduction to Art, Upper School students may elect to take AP Studio Art-Drawing Portfolio, AP 2D Design Portfolio and Studio Art. Middle School students are able to explore a variety of disciplines such as drawing, printmaking, graphic design and photography. Lower School artists focus on the basics – line, form, and composition.

Each one of SFC art venues are designed to foster each student’s talents and abilities and offer performances, concerts and exhibits, giving students opportunities to blossom in creativity.