Class of 2018 Grad Facts

The entire class of 2018 with 114 seniors will graduate this May. This class sent 957 applications to 224 colleges and universities and received 585 acceptances. One hundred percent of the students who applied to a four-year college were accepted. Six percent of this class will be attending a community college or taking a gap year after graduation. Congratulations, Class of 2018!

Class of 2018 at a Glance

51% attending college out-of-state
49% attending college in California

Popular colleges for the Class of 2018

Baylor (22 accepted, 1 attending)
Biola University (7 accepted, 4 attending)
Cal Poly SLO (9 accepted, 2 attending)
Pepperdine University (11 acceptances, 3 attending)
University of Oregon (18 accepted, 4 attending)
San Diego State University (18 accepted, 4 attending)
Texas Christian University (15 accepted, 4 attending)
UC Berkeley (4 accepted, 4 attending)
UCLA (3 accepted, 2 attending)
UCSB (11 accepted, 2 attending)
UCSD (11 accepted, 6 attending)
University of Colorado Boulder (10 accepted, 3 attending)
University of Southern California (5 accepted, 1 attending)
University of Washington (10 accepted, 2 attending)
Westmont College (18 accepted, 5 attending)

Other College Acceptances

Boston College, Boston University, Brown University, Claremont McKenna College, Cornell University, Duke University, Emory University, Georgetown, Gonzaga University, Harvard, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Purdue University, Stanford University,  University of Virginia, Washington University in St. Louis, Wake Forest University, Wheaton College, College of William and Mary, Villanova, Yale University, and many more.

International Acceptances

St. Andrews University
King’s College London
The American University of Paris