Building compassion through the lens of a mission trip is an essential part of the SFC experience. This year, for the first time, sixth-grade students went to the San Diego Rescue Mission. After hearing testimonials from some of the residents at the San Diego Rescue Mission, the students went straight to work. In multiple groups, they cleaned the floors and walls, sorted clothes, and worked on the garden. Another group focused on the Mission’s pre-Easter dinner and created 500 place settings, filled bags with candy and wrote notes of encouragement for the guests to enjoy. Dr. Deveau was with the students at the mission, “I was so impressed to see every student working hard to accomplish their assigned tasks and many asking what else they could do to serve.”

In the seventh-grade, students teamed-up with an organization called Praying Pelican Missions and GAP Ministries to perform many different service projects for six days in Tucson, Arizona. These projects included yard work and landscaping at several GAP Ministries homes, cleaning rooms in churches, emptying and repainting storage containers, and sorting and organizing at various thrift stores.

The missional experience for eighth-grade students is on the streets of San Diego, where they join New Vision Church and serve the homeless, impoverished and disenfranchised. Earlier this year the students cleaned and organized bins at New Vision’s food distribution center and then distributed groceries to hundreds of people. They also packed bags with food, water, and socks and took the filled bags to the streets to distribute to the homeless.

The hope is that by working together, in every one of these opportunities, kids get out of their comfort zone, examine their judgments, and operate as the hands and feet of Jesus. The Middle School provides local and national missional opportunities in preparation for the international trips offered in our Upper School.