Identity in Christ Moves Us to Act

The students in Mrs. Ellis’ girls-only elective class, I&S (Identity & Sisterhood), are exploring their identities in and through Christ and how that relates to our impact on the world. “One of the aspects of our class is opening our eyes a little wider and seeing what is needed around us–whether that is at school or in our communities! We are continuing to partner with Johnson Elementary School, the same school we did a book drive for this past year,” beams Mrs. Ellis. Cajon Valley School District, and Johnson Elementary, have one of the highest numbers of refugees in the state. The students at Johnson represent diverse cultures from all over the globe.  Mrs. Ellis continues, “Many of our middle east and Muslim sisters and brothers attend this school, and this partnership gives us a great opportunity to learn about them and to love them.”

Seeds of Friendship

The girls in Mrs. Ellis’ Middle School class begin as pen pals with Ms. Juanita Chavez’s second-grade class, sending sweet letters of friendship and encouragement back and forth throughout the semester. This year, Ms. Chavez and Mrs. Ellis were brainstorming how SFC could have an even further positive impact on Johnson Elementary. Ms. Chavez communicated a desire for a school garden, and the idea took off. “Our girls will assist these kiddos in preparing and planting their garden…a team effort between both schools to beautify their campus property, to bring them pride and joy. We are calling it Seeds of Friendship. The garden will be a project that continues each semester as we add layers to it.  We imagine a place where kids can read together, do science projects, and just enjoy the beauty of their special space.”

Building Bridges Through Kindness

In partnership with SFC, La Costa Nursery provided the plants, soil, rakes, among other items to develop the garden. “This is not a mission trip,” smiled Mrs. Ellis. “I want my students to know that paying attention to the needs of others is part of our life in Christ! The goal of this project is simple, to build bridges of peace through kindness. To see others who are different from us and to accept and love them. I hope that by planting a garden alongside these kiddos we will show them how loved they are and how we hope that their lives flourish, too.”