Pure as the Driven Snow is a melodrama comedy for all ages. This is the first of many  productions to be directed by SFC’s new drama teacher, Matt Corsaro. Matt has an amazing background as an actor, teacher and director in both Southern California and the New York area. We caught up with Matt in the drama room as he prepared for the next rehearsal. “The play is an amazing, hilarious, melodrama,” gleams Matt. “There is a hero, a damsel in distress and a curly mustached villain. During the play, the audience gets to interact as the characters break the fourth wall by talking to the audience. I am sure all ages will enjoy it.”

Pure as the Driven Snow is the story of Purity Dean (SFC senior Ava Randall), a pure-as-the-driven-snow heroine working-girl, who captures the heart of Leander Longfellow (SFC junior Justin Hogue), the hard-working manager of a pickle factory.

Purity loves Leander, just as Leander loves Purity. Alas, Purity has a secret that keeps her from marrying Leander. Enter villain Mortimer Frothingham (sophomore John Young), who wants Purity to marry him while he goes on trying to genuinely ruin the lives of everyone around him.

This show promises to be entertaining and excellent. “I expect our shows to be top of the line, impeccable work, not just for a high school production, but top of the line in theatre. I want the the community in North County San Diego to say, ‘Wow, you know who does excellent theatre? Santa Fe Christian.’ That is what I mean by excellent!”

A little about the Director:

A Southern California native, Matt Corsaro has worked as a director and assistant director for the past decade. He has studied improvisation at the Groundlings School in Hollywood and has enjoyed being a part of all sorts of productions, from drama to comedy to improv to musical. Matt received his BA in Cinema and Film as well as his MA in Secondary Education. Matt has been involved as a director of high school dramatic, improv, and musical productions for the past 10 years. Matt’s love is in teaching and directing.


This interactive play runs November 4-7 in the SFC chapel. Tickets are available at the door.

Side notes:

Matt Corsaro is excited to announce the spring musical, Godspell, which holds a tender place in his heart. Stop by and meet him to find out why.

SFC’s first ever Middle School Extended Studies presents the musical, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” on Thursday October 29, 6:30pm​ and again on Friday October 30, 4:00pm in the chapel.

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