Five SFC 7th graders took third place ribbons in the 60th Annual San Diego Science and Engineering Fair held March 25-30, 2014 where 650 students from San Diego and Imperial County presented their projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. SFC students received awards for the following projects:

  • Ashley Deady, in Behavioral Science, for ‘Does the color of clothing affect people’s impressions’?
  • Rachel Kulcher, in Behavioral Science, for ‘Differences in men and women’s financial decision making’.
  • Paul Trotta, in Computer Science, for a computer program to solve the Rubik’s cube.
  • Hannah Young, for Animal Science, in a project titled ‘Overnight Obesity’ studying the affect of circadian rhythms, eating, and weight gain using mice as the model for humans.
  • Daniel Patel, in Physics, for a project called ‘Cool It’ on insulation, the best way to keep lunches cool.

ScienceFairTwo students also received special recognition by professional societies. Paul Trotta was recognized by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association and Rachel Kulcher was recognized by San Diego Mensa.