0skyfxokThe Lower School Cadet Band and The Beginning/Intermediate Middle School Band took the stage to compete at the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Music Festival in Temecula on March 24, 2015. Both bands earned an ‘Excellent’ rating by the judges. SFC’s music instructor, Mr. David Hall, stated, “I am proud of the fine musicianship and performance of both groups.”

The 22-member Lower School Cadet Band played “The Silver Scepter” by John Kinyon and “Galactic Episode” by John O’Reilly and Mark Williams. The judges commented,” …Wonderful start for such a young group…excellent uniforms and appearance…nice style in the clarinets… “Similarly, the 26-member combined Beginning/Intermediate Middle School Band played two selections, “Puccini Fantasy” arranged by James Curnow and “Overture Galactica” by John O’Reilly. The judges commented, ” …Very nice quality of sound… good phrasing and preparation… I enjoyed hearing you today.”