COFO_TravasosRecently, Santa Fe Christian hired executive Scott Travasos to be SFC’s Chief Financial and Operating Officer (CFOO). Scott comes to SFC with experience leading internal infrastructure in finance, information technology and human resources with for-profit and global nonprofits.  He has worked on projects in six continents, including countries such as Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, South Africa and Yemen. Scott holds a B.A. in Business and Communications from Wheaton College, and an M.B.A. from Wake Forest University.

As CFOO, Scott’s main goal is to analyze all of SFC’s operating systems and align all systems together toward SFC’s strategic goals. Scott also brings experience in construction and facilities management which he will use to guide SFC in shaping future classroom environments that will promote student collaboration.

Outside of his day to day role, Scott has a passion for working with youth in sports. He and his wife Jenni, started GreaterGoal, an international nonprofit sports ministry that worked with underserved youth to instill in youth the life lessons learned in sport and competition –goal setting, teamwork, mutual respect, fair play, discipline and perseverance. He served as a board member for the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee (BASOC) and, in what seems like a lifetime ago, was a college soccer coach and the General Manager of a women’s professional Soccer team.  He also enjoys mentoring students and leading missions trips. “I’m anxious to weave these passions into the fabric of what I do at SFC,” professes Scott.

Scott, his wife Jenni, and their children will be relocating to the San Diego North County area this summer. Collin will be a freshman and Anna, Scott’s daughter, will be going into the sixth grade.