SFC provides many opportunities for students to experience and share their passions. With 18 clubs on the roster, Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor, Amy Kennard enthusiastically expresses, “Because we are a smaller school, there are more opportunities to diversify yourself, and we say [to students] if you want to be a leader come on in, and here are the steps you need to take [to start a club].”

As a great example of the unity of body of Christ, juniors Ava Randel, Jacquelyn Askey, Lily Morgans, Ticki Rohan, and Gabby Brenn are working together to develop something completely new, a club called Do Something. Their long term goal for the club is to plan once-a-month outreach events that are open to the whole Upper School community.

This month several clubs are working alongside Give Thanks, Give Back and using their influence to promote the event to the school as well as provide volunteers. There are seventeen diverse clubs currently meeting, many during the new power hour lunch.

Wondering what clubs are on campus? Academic Team, Eyemagine, Student Network, Fashion Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), French Club, Math Club, School News, Speech and Debate, Restore International, Do Something, Unicef Club, Invisible Children, Philosophy Club, Critics Club, Breakfast Club, Dance Troupe, Surf Team.