ASL Starts in MS

One afternoon, sixth-grade students Mia Davis and Isabelle Smith, approached teacher, Jennifer Stillman to discuss the possibility of studying American Sign Language (ASL) as a foreign language in the Upper School. “When I explained that it was not currently an option,” remarked Ms. Stillman, “they decided to start a club in order to prepare their futures.”  

A club with a Goal

“We have always been interested in sign language. We thought it would be cool to be able to practice a language that would help us communicate with deaf people,”  remark Mia and Isabelle in unison.  Mia and Isabelle hope that by building a foreign language club in Middle School, when they are it the Upper School, ASL will become a course that can be added to their transcripts. Mia also discovered that by starting a club she gained friends too.

ASL Meets

This popular club meets on Fridays in room 329 at lunch; giving students an opportunity to express themselves kinesthetically while having fun learning a foreign language.