For more than 20 years, Santa Fe Christian Schools Choirs under the direction of Rhonda Fleming, have joined together to sing in local nursing homes. The SFC Middle School Choir, Concert Choir and Chamber Chorale sing well-known Christmas carols as many of the elderly join in and sing or hum along.

The goal is to give back to the community and share the love of Christ with a group of people that is often lonely this time of year. “We want to use the opportunities and gifts God has provided to “Spread the Joy” (our Chorale theme this year), through beloved songs,” Ava Randall, Chamber Chorale member joyfully states. “After performing we go on to carol through the halls for the patients who can’t leave their rooms and beds. As we walk past, we often see them turn towards us and smile- surprised at first, and then just enjoying the songs.”

Senior Matthew Doughty talks about visiting nursing homes, “I go because I love to spread joy through music and to remind them of the delight found in worshiping the Lord. I always see people who look down, sorrowful, struggling to stay strong. I know that God is the answer to all of those people and to us as well; through him, we are redeemed and have meaning.”

Choir members will continue spreading the joy through song and touching an audience with the memories of music.