Jacquelyn-Askew-Oncofertility-2-214x300Jacquelyn Askew, a sophomore at Santa Fe Christian Schools, was one of 14 San Diego County high school girls chosen to participate in the Oncofertility Academy sponsored by the UC San Diego School of Medicine this summer.  The Academy is a hands-on educational program that inspires 10th to 12th grade girls to become the next generation of scientists and physicians.  Oncofertility is the study of how cancer and cancer treatments affect the reproductive system and fertility.

During the academy, Jacquelyn and the other students visited UCSD Reproductive Medicine, CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County), Moores Cancer Center, Scripps Oceanography, and Scripps Memorial Hospital.  There they participated in multiple hands-on experiments and listened to lectures from renowned physicians.

At the end of the Academy, each student presented her individualized research project in cancer or reproductive biology to a panel of judges.  Jacquelyn’s presentation on ‘Undiagnosed Celiac Disease Linked to Unexplained Infertility’ was chosen by the panel for future research and development.

“I believe Santa Fe Christian is giving me excellent preparation for pursuing a medical career.  I have had several very influential teachers in science who have encouraged me to find a passion within the science field.  They have even taken personal time to read through medical journals and other scientific materials with me to prepare me for future opportunities.” said Jacquelyn.

Jacquelyn plans to major in pre-med in college and become an Oncologist or Gastroenterologist.