When a huge natural disaster strikes somewhere on the globe, SFC students respond.  Over the years our students have come together to raise funds for victims of tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods. The recent Hurricane tragedy in Houston is closer to home and SFC students were given an opportunity to give back Рand they did!

Lower, Middle and Upper School took up an offering and odd jobs at the beginning of September to support three non-profits in Houston directly affected by the Hurricane. In all, they raised $6,340. Then a missions ministry partner gave a $6,000 matching grant, making the total donation to Houston ministries a total of $12,340.

While the financial needs in Houston are huge, every bit helps and it gives our students a chance to make a difference. We gave to three organizations. One is a faith-based humanitarian relief organization Convoy of Hope, another is a faith-based homeless outreach Open Door Mission, and the 3rd a private Christian School that we selected based on the greatest need.