Santa Fe Christian Students Practice Spinal Surgery at NuVasive


Santa Fe Christian Schools’ Anatomy and Physiology students visited NuVasive®, a San Diego based spinal surgical hardware company, to participate in real spinal procedures on human cadavers on October 7-8, 2013. Guided by NuVasive educators, students installed surgical instrumentation; removed a cartilaginous intervertebral disk; prepared the intervertebral space for the NuVasive interbody implant and installed the spinal device.

Fifty-five SFC students participated in the NuVasive field trip over two days. The goal of the field trip was to connect classroom learning to real life applications. It also exposed students to career opportunities in medicine, the allied health professions, and medically related business ventures.

“I really enjoyed getting to put the facts and terms we have been learning in our class to practice and see the real world experience” said Vince Reilly, SFC student.  “Three different people spoke – a surgeon, mechanical engineer, and product manager . . . It showed me that there were opportunities in the medical field.”