The SFC eNews staff sat down with SFC’s Educational Technology Coach, Cynthia Nixon, to learn about the unique podcast she created entitled “Lesson Up.” This podcast is another way that SFC teachers continue to grow and develop in their profession. Great idea, Cynthia!

Why did you develop this podcast?

No matter what your profession, change is hard and there are always growing pains. As teachers, we are not exempt from this. In fact, that’s kind of our bread and butter – growth and learning. We challenge our students to push through the productive struggle of a good challenge every day. We encourage them to work together with their peers and learn from one another as they try new things and figure out what works best. Why should that process be any different as a teacher? That’s what the Lesson Up podcast is all about. Our teachers are doing amazing things all around campus. They are infusing technology into activities, changing the classroom atmosphere in innovative ways, taking old lessons and upgrading them in wonderful ways to meet the needs of their students. None of that is easy; it takes a lot of time and effort and energy. “Lesson Up”is all about sharing that process with each other so that we can learn and grow together. My hope with this podcast is that it will help teachers share ideas, get inspired, and encourage each other to “Lesson Up.”

What are some of your podcasts about?

In one of the earlier episodes, Interim Head of Schools, Jim Adare, discusses the Harkness Method and how he has seen it impact student learning. In another podcast, the fourth-grade teachers talk about making the switch from traditional classroom seating to a flexible seating environment. Listen to these podcasts and more here.