Challenge 3rd graders to express You First  at chapel and watch something amazing transpire!

Every year SFC’s ASB students develop  a single theme for Lower, Middle and Upper School chapel. This year’s chapel revolves around one theme, You First. During the first half of the year, Lower School students learn about the theme meaning and how to apply it to their lives through interacting with speakers, teachers and playground assistants.

In the second half of the year each class is challenged to think of a way to communicate the theme to the Lower School in chapel. Recently, Mr. Story’s third grade class took up the challenge. “We decided to make a video showing how the kids would come up with the idea themselves. Using the theme, You First, the kids just ran with it,” recalls Mr. Story. With a little direction and encouragement, the kids worked as a team to make the video. “They all love to act and make up plays so I knew this would be a great outlet for them. They had fun explaining in front of their peers what You First would actually look like in the real world.”  Mr. Story’s class clearly shared the message that because God loved us first, we can love others first.

Check out the third grade chapel video here.