This year, students embarked on class retreats and were transported into a winter wonderland. With God’s majestic white blanket as a backdrop, they united with peers and deepened their relationship with Christ.

Mentors One of the benefits of having a K-12 campus is the culture of older students investing in the lives of younger students. There are many different ways this happens: athletes help younger students learn a sport; academic honor students tutor peers; artists teach beginners; musicians and actors of all ages perform together. Another way older students invest in the younger ones is through mentorship. This year, 12 seniors joined the freshman retreat as assistant counselors. Senior Chase Bakkeby shares his thoughts on being an assistant counselor, “The annual class retreats are undoubtedly one of my favorite aspects of Santa Fe Christian. As a senior, I was privileged with the unique opportunity to invest in the lives of the freshmen at their first retreat. From throwing snowballs during free time to sharing valuable lessons we’ve learned throughout high school during the gender-breakout session, this was a time of bonding with peers, teachers, and the Lord, not only for the freshmen, but for us seniors as well.”

Deeper Relationships Retreats model for students the priority to occasionally step away from daily routines, as a body of believers, in order to pursue deeper relationships with Jesus Christ and one another. Each year friendships with peers and faculty are transformed and strengthened, the class becomes united, and most importantly, the students grown in their faith. The retreats, while similar in goals, are as unique as snowflakes. “Driving up the mountain up to Forest Home was surreal for a lot of us, seeing the endless trees absolutely covered in snow! God’s hand in the nature, weather, and atmosphere was so evident throughout the whole retreat,” junior Erin Vandertie recounts. “The fact that I got to have countless snowball fights with my entire class was so unique, and I am sure I will never forget that. The worship band was definitely a highlight for myself and many of my friends, as they chose songs that spoke directly to our hearts, and our relationships with God. Retreats are one of my favorite parts about SFC, and this one was unlike another I’ve been on in the best way possible!”

Photos Pictures often say more than words. This link contains photos from each of the underclassman retreats as the freshman were in Idyllwild, sophomores in Pine Valley, and juniors at Forest Home.