What is a good kindergarten experience? It’s an experience that fosters a child’s natural eagerness to learn and stimulates their innate curiosity. It’s an environment that instills a love of learning, plus models the love of Jesus Christ. And it’s a place where children are genuinely excited and eager to come to each day. It’s why Kindergarten at Santa Fe Christian Schools (SFC) matters.

 Laying the Foundation

At SFC, we know academics are important. That’s why Kindergartners are taught the Singapore Math Program, work with Literacy Specialists and participate in specialized science and technology labs, all designed to engage young minds. SFC Kindergartners are exposed to a variety of enrichment offerings that include world languages, music, fine arts and sports.

Also important, SFC teachers help young children learn skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving, higher-level thinking, self-control, self-confidence and godly character. SFC’s 20 to 1 student to teacher ratio ensures children receive the attention they need. At SFC, we believe kindergarten is critical to laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

 Through a Biblical Lens

Most importantly, this foundation is taught through a Biblical lens. Starting in Kindergarten, SFC’s curriculum infuses Biblical truth into everything students learn. Children attend weekly chapel which focuses on the specific needs of each age group, all with the same goal – to glorify, honor and praise the name of Jesus Christ. Even the youngest SFC students are involved in community service so they learn how to be servants for Christ.

The Arts Are Center Stage

Plus, the arts are integral to SFC’s Kindergarten experience with a calendar packed full of performances, exhibits, and special trips. Theatre, choir, music, band, painting and drawing all thrive at SFC. Experiences in fine and performing arts are designed to foster each student’s God-given talents and gifts at any age.

The SFC Difference

We think the results speak for themselves. SFC’s Kindergarten and Lower School’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test scores far exceed the national average. The Department of Education recognized SFC’s Lower School as High Performing National Blue Ribbon School in 2011, a five year designation. All taught by dedicated Christian teachers who create a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment.

Want to find out more about why SFC’s Kindergarten experience matters?  Visit  https://sfcs.net/academics/lower-school/