we Pursue excellence

Being San Diego’s Top Private School is an honor that we don’t take lightly. Excellence is our calling. As a Pre-K through 12th-grade college preparatory school, our students graduate well prepared for what lies ahead.

The Spirit of SFC

We Challenge and Inspire

When you first step onto campus, you will notice something unique. It is the spirit that envelops Santa Fe Christian and permeates throughout the campus. You will hear laughter and notice students engaged with each other and their teachers. It won’t take long to discover that, in the midst of a rigorous curriculum, our exceptional faculty comes together to challenge, inspire and mentor each student.

  • 100% four-year college acceptance rate

  • STEAM curriculum & hands-on learning

  • Average student-to-teacher ratio

Impact of SFC

we each have a story

“God gave me the desire to go to Stanford my freshman year. He opened every door for me to go there — academically, financially and spiritually — through mentors and advisers here at Santa Fe Christian.”

— SFC Graduate

The Heart of SFC

We Lead

engage equip empower

SFC’s Upper School is the only private high school in California, and one of six private high schools in the nation to receive the Blue Ribbon Schools Award in 2017.

more than a melody

As harmonies compliment the melody of a composition, so too does art training compliment the foundation of a well-rounded education.


Nearly 80% of SFC’s students will take a life-changing international mission trip and gain a fresh perspective of the world by the time they graduate.

partial list of colleges attended by sfc grads

College Destinations

We Welcome You

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There’s no better way to experience Santa Fe Christian than to step foot on our campus. Come visit, you’ll be glad you did.