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The arts take center stage

As harmonies compliment the melody of a composition, so too does art compliment the foundation of a well-rounded education. We integrate core values of the arts into academics, enabling SFC students to stretch their minds beyond the constraints of printed text. Exposure to the arts allows the inspired mind freedom to create, interpret, express, and imagine!

Instrumental Arts

Not only can music enrich a student’s education — it can exalt the human spirit and enhance the quality of life. Instrumental music teaches mastery of memorization, hand-eye coordination, focus, discipline and the importance of teamwork. The results can be amazing — moving and shaping us along the way.

Vocal Arts

Singing is demonstrated to have a purpose of which is not merely for the ears or the soul, but because we are created, commanded and compelled to sing to glorify God. Students focus on developing their vocal passion and skill, expressing feelings of love, thankfulness, and praise to God. Music fosters emotional and creative growth, and is fully encouraged and mentored at SFC.

Theatre Arts

The theatre program at SFC is built upon the hard work of our dynamic, brilliant and driven students. They learn not only to perform, but to direct and crew behind-the-scenes. No other discipline prizes originality and freedom of expression quite like theatre!

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts curriculum is designed to foster independence through teacher-guided and self-directed work in a collaborative environment. Students are encouraged to arrive at their own visual solution using their imagination, creative self-expression, discovery and innovation.

Senior Art Show

Media Arts

Students are encouraged to seek new ways of making, viewing and understanding art. By incorporating emerging technologies into their artwork, they are constantly redefining the traditional categories of art.


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