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General Questions

Where do your graduates attend college?

100% of SFC graduates who apply are accepted into a four-year college or university. Santa Fe Christian alumni are at four-year public universities, private liberal-arts colleges, Christian colleges, military academies, and universities all over the country. Please refer to our School Profile for a list of schools our most recent graduates have been accepted to and are currently attending.

Do you have a bus service?

Yes. We currently run convenient bus routes to the following areas: Aviara, Carlsbad, Carmel Mountain, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Encinitas, Fairbanks Ranch, La Costa, Leucadia, Olivenhain, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, Santa Luz, Scripps Ranch, UTC and La Jolla.

What is the average class size?

The average classroom size from grades K-12 is 20 students per class.

Do students wear uniforms?

Yes. Santa Fe Christian students wear uniforms provided by Lands’ End as its uniform provider.

What is the minimum age to begin kindergarten?

Children must be 5 years of age by September 1.

Do you accept international students?

We do not accept international student applications at this time.

Is there a preschool?

Yes. We are a preschool through 12th-grade Christian school. Our preschool is located on the Encinitas campus at:

845 Santa Fe Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-753-4952

Children must be 3 years of age by November 1st. SFC preschool graduates receive priority in the kindergarten admissions process.

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Do you offer an Extended Care program?

Currently, we are not offering and Extended Care program.

Admissions Questions

When does the Admissions season begin?

The admissions season begins October 1, 2021, for Fall 2022 enrollment. Parents are encouraged to connect with us. If there is room in the grade at the semester break, we admit students in grades 6-11. For a semester transfer, completed applications are due the Friday before Thanksgiving. We offer rolling admissions for students in grades K-5, if space is available.

Are there fees involved in applying to Santa Fe Christian?

The application fee for 2022/23 in all grades is $125. For 9th-11th grade applicants, there is a fee for the ISEE test which ranges from $105 -$200. There is no evaluation fee for Kindergarten-8th grade applicants.

Is there a deadline for completing the admissions process?

Yes. The deadline for first-round admission applications is February 1, 2022. Applications received after these deadlines will be considered on a space available basis.

What are the immunization requirements?
Immunizations must be current and in alignment with the State of California required immunizations.
How much weight does the Admission Committee give to test scores?

The Admission Committee, made up of administrators, counselors and faculty, evaluates a student’s potential academic success based on the application in its entirety. We review grades, behavior records, teacher/pastor evaluations, standardized test scores, entrance assessments and the family interview.

What is the review process for an application?

Our goal at Santa Fe Christian Schools is to match students/families with our school mission statement by evaluating applicants on the spiritual, academic and behavioral requirements identified in the admissions criteria. Refer to our admissions criteria on

When will families receive the admissions decision?

Applicants will be notified in early March.

How do you define your Admissions decisions?

Accept: The student and parent(s) are deemed a qualified mission-match for SFC and acceptance is offered. Parents have one week from the date of the acceptance to complete the enrollment process and submit the required tuition deposit. Acceptance may be revoked if the student’s final report card shows a drop in academic or behavioral performance.

Wait Pool: A student is placed in the “wait pool” when he/she qualifies as a mission-match for SFC but there is no space available in the grade at that time. Wait pools are not prioritized wait lists. Should space become available in that grade, all candidates in the wait pool will be reviewed again by the Admissions Committee and the “most qualified” candidate will be selected. Decisions will be made within four weeks of official withdrawal date.

Students in the wait pool must submit the required tuition deposit. The purpose of paying a deposit is to ensure that SFC has a viable pool of candidates for review. Wait pool status remains in effect until the end of the second week of school (Friday, close of business). SFC does not carry over wait pools from year to year. Once a new school year begins, families can decide if they wish to re-apply. If space does not become available, SFC will refund the tuition deposit.

Deny: When a student (and/or parent) is deemed not a mission-match for SFC, a denial letter is mailed to the parent(s) of the applicant. All parent communication is handled by the Admissions department. We are happy to clarify our admissions policies and procedures, however, due to the confidential nature of the admissions process, we are unable to discuss specific qualifications of any applicant, including reasons for denial. In the case of siblings who are not accepted, every effort will be made to contact the families by phone as a courtesy, followed by a letter. The denial decision is for one school year only and students are welcome to re-apply for future grades.

Stopping the Process: If a student’s report card, transcript, test scores or other information provided on the application (including but not limited to student and family church attendance) show that the applicant will not meet the SFC admissions criteria at this time, the admission process is stopped. Out of respect for the applicant, the Admissions Officer will notify the parents that the process has been stopped. Applicants are welcome to reapply when criteria is met.

Priority Consideration: It is the desire of SFC to keep families together by giving priority consideration to qualified siblings, alumni, current SFC preschool students, and children of SFC faculty.

Can we apply without first visiting Santa Fe Christian?

We strongly encourage you to visit our campus and experience the SFC community in person before beginning the application process.

Tuition Assistance Questions

Does SFC offer tuition assistance?

Yes. It is the desire of Santa Fe Christian Schools to make Christian education accessible to many. In the past five years, SFC has disbursed over $7 million in tuition assistance and we remain committed to providing financial support through several need-based programs. Applications for tuition grants are available through the Finance Office at 858-755-8900 ext. 1007.

What is the Eagle Scholarship?

Santa Fe Christian Schools is pleased to offer a four-year scholarship to an incoming high school freshman new to SFC who embodies the school’s mission in academics, personal faith in Jesus Christ, and servant leadership. Each year, the Eagle Scholarship is awarded to one 9th grade student who excels academically, puts his/her faith in action, and displays outstanding leadership skills. The scholarship provides funding for tuition, books, uniforms, athletic fees, and field trips for up to four years. Scholarship applicants must be new to Santa Fe Christian Schools and be accepted by the admissions committee to be eligible.

What is the Ministry Scholarship?

Santa Fe Christian Schools is pleased to offer four individual awards of $2,500 each year in addition to any tuition grant allocation. To be eligible, the applicant must be new to SFC and the parent must be employed by a local San Diego church/ministry which shares and supports SFC’s Statement of Faith. While the recipient of the the award for one year is not a guarantee that the scholarship will be renewed, our expectation is that the scholarship will follow the recipient through all the years at SFC. Recipients are eligible to have the scholarship renewed annually based on pastor/ministry director position and continued financial need.

What is the Impact Scholarship?

Santa Fe Christian Schools is pleased to offer a $2,500 to the winner, and three finalists will receive $1,000. This scholarship is in addition to any tuition grant award.  The scholarship is renewable up to graduation provided that the student maintains a strong GPA, and the family has continued financial need. To be eligible, the applicant must be new to SFC and an incoming 6th grader and a demonstrated financial need (SmartAid), completed admissions application, 3.5 GPA or better, entrance assessment – MAPs results average or above.

Policy Questions

What if circumstances occur that result in our family’s inability to attend SFC after I’ve committed and signed the contract and paid the fee and deposit?
As soon as you are able, let the Admissions Director know of your inability to attend SFC. The fee and deposit are not refundable. Depending on the timeline (outlined in the contract) and the date (determined by the date the school’s Registrar receives written notification of intent to withdraw) the following is the amount due to the school:

  • On or before April 15: $1,500 deposit
  • April 15 until the first day of school: $2,000 withdrawal fee plus the $1,500 deposit
  • On or after the first day of school until November 15: 40% of the remaining semester’s tuition
  • After November 15: 40% of all remaining tuition owed (both semesters)

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