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Selecting the best school for your child is an important decision. We are privileged that you are considering Santa Fe Christian Schools.



The best way to find out about Santa Fe Christian Schools is to experience us in action at one of our Preview Days, which we host several times a year. In two short hours, you will meet the leadership team, enjoy a customized campus tour and get all your questions answered. Students are welcome, too. Register now.   

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Team Admissions


Our Admissions Department is committed to making your family’s experience as individualized, relaxed and personal as possible.  We admit students who have an active faith in Jesus, are energetic and will strive for academic success.


Left to right: Sue Hoekstra, Front Desk Assistant, Vicki O’Rourke, Director of Admissions,  Amy Roberts, Admissions Manager, Liz Sanders, Admissions Manager


Admissions Criteria

Please review the spiritual, academic, behavioral and financial criteria for Santa Fe Christian students and families listed below. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


One parent or guardian must be a professing believer in Jesus Christ, agree with the school’s statement of faith, and provide a written Christian testimony. It is preferred that both parents provide written faith testimonies.

Students (and at least one parent) must regularly attend, and be actively involved in, a Christ-centered church. Here is the Pastor Recommendation Form.

Parents must sign the Parent Commitment Form which indicates their support and compliance with the philosophy, statement of faith, spiritual goals, policies, practices, and objectives of Santa Fe Christian Schools.

Upper School students must be professing Christians.


Cumulative and current GPA must be 2.7 (B-) or above in academic courses. Middle School (Grades 6-8)and Upper School (Grades 9-12) transcripts are evaluated separately. For Lower School (Grades K-5),report cards must show grade level or above performance across all subjects.

Entrance test scores must be average or above.

Teacher evaluations and report cards must show that the student is an independent learner and has the ability to be successful in a traditional classroom environment.

Final report cards must show a consistent effort with no drop in academic or behavioral performance.

The school does not accept incoming seniors second semester.


Students and parents must be in good standing with current school.

Teacher evaluations and report card behavioral marks must be favorable.

Students and parents must not have exhibited behavior that is disruptive to the school or community.

Students and parents must exhibit behavior, both in and out of school, that is consistent with SFCS’ Christian values.

Students with prior drug, alcohol, or other similar issues must have successfully completed (including being 100% drug and alcohol free) a full semester in a regular school program prior to being admitted to SFCS. Specifically, this means that SFCS will not accept students directly from residential treatment programs or expulsion from other schools.


Families who previously withdrew from SFCS and did not fulfill their tuition contract must clear all financial obligations before an admissions application will be accepted.

All financial obligations to SFCS must be kept current.

If the student is transferring from another private school, a note on school letterhead may be required stating that financial obligations have been cleared.

Note: If a student’s report card, transcript, test scores or other information provided on the application (including but not limited to student and family church attendance) show that the applicant will not meet the SFCS admissions criteria at this time, the admissions process is stopped. Out of respect for the applicant, an Admissions Officer will notify the parents that the process has been stopped. Applicants are welcome to re-apply when criteria is met.

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