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Visual Arts

We express ourselves creatively.

We are artistic influencers for Christ

The Visual Arts program at SFC is based on the understanding that God is a creative God who designed us in His own image — to be creative.  SFC is dedicated to nurturing the innate desire to design and create through critical thinking, technical competence in a variety of media, visual problem-solving, and an understanding of the history of art. Interest may bring students into the art classroom, but passion ultimately drives their success.


upper school

We develop a portfolio

Senior art students host an exhibit showcasing their best work throughout their high school career. The emphasis is to display the scope of their development of higher-level skills and creativity, as well as the progression in the artistry of their work.

Senior Art Show

We develop a portfolio
We learn elements and balance
Middle School

We learn elements and balance

Artistic design involves purposeful decision-making about how to use elements and principles of art in an integrative way. Students learn they have the power to shape the world through their art.


We experiment with joy

As students discover new gifts and talents, their teachers lead them in a direction to pursue it further. Teachers also serve as mentors and encouragers to children as they being to find joy in their own artistic expressions.

We experiment with joy

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